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Because someone has to do it...

Before we get ahead of ourselves, go ahead, slap me with the slacker of the YEAR award! Just smack me with it, and get it over with...K.


Well, my sweet baby girl turned 6 this weekend and as we celebrate birthdays like the Suite Family (week long partying) I thought that I would be uploading all sorts of cool pic's from our weekend of fun, right about now.


We have a problem. My little family, it seems must take a weeks worth of crap survival gear along with us. Where. Ever. We. Go. No joshing here. On Saturday we ( I mean the Gallant Inspector General or Dick Daring as he is now calling himself ) ahem, we, were loading up our 9 passenger SUV to spend the day at the lake partahhh-in' with our friends and fam, our checklist looked something like this:

  • sunscreen
  • 3 coolers w/drinks, food, cupcakes, frosting, lots and lots of ice.
  • BombBQ
  • blankets
  • coats
  • towels and suits
  • goggles, life vests, noodles and various other floating thingies
  • plastic wear, cups, paper plates, paper towels, wipe-ups
  • cute vintage sheet for table cloth
  • salt and pepper
  • chairs ( something in the neighborhood of 20)
  • extra change of clothes x6
  • extra shoes
  • birthday gifts
  • laundry basket for hauling stuff to and fro
  • magazines and books to read while lounging on the beach
  • lighter for the BombBQ
  • CAMERA......don't forget the camera!
  • Memory card!!!!!!!
  • sunglasses
  • hats
  • ice cream cones

OK. So. All of this crap survival gear got jammed into our 'Burban and there was barely any room for the kids. And yet we managed to forget the:

  • Hats
  • lighter
  • tongs (plastic forks don't work well for moving boiling hot food around)
  • birthday candles (thank goodness for a Dollar Tree along the way)

and, we were short one chair.

I did however manage to squeeze in the camera and I did (really I did) take lots and lots of pictures of all the festivities. But....for the life of me I can't find the camera now. I shoved it into the car as we were leaving the lake. I even had to pull it out at the last second to retrieve a Band-Aid for poor, HeadLong. He sat on a Hornet that was lounging peacefully on his car seat. (read: Poor little guy took the stinging personally. He kept saying, 'Why did it want to hurt me so....Why? I didn't do anything to that bee. Why?) So, I know the camera made it back from the lake...I just don't know what pile of crap survival gear it is lurking in. Frankly I am too lazy tired to go tearing into the piles.

Thankfully I have friends who blog. At least my suite friend had the wherewithal to post about my darling daughters birthday bash. Someone has to do it.


  1. i take hornet stings personally too. The theory is, its due to being allergic, but I don't know... :)

    I am having to learn that, even when the photos aren't instantly accessable- at least you have the memories! (that lesson stinks!)

  2. Mem-reeeee's....all alone in the came-ra....do, de..do-do-dah...do!~



    Sorry to hear that you are allergic to stings! Good to know since you will be comin' over soon. BTW I am tooootally stoked about that.

  3. Oh, his poor little bottom! I had sting relief swabs in my kit, but we had gone by then.

    Hope you get your Suburban dug out soonish.

  4. PS I heart your new template. You are a blogging design diva. Would you tell me, slowly so I can get it, how to make three columns?

  5. *sloooowly*
    Check. Out. thecutestblogontheblock(dot)com.
    These chicks got it gonin' on.


    I guess I have it goin' on now too...har, har.

    Hey! I am so stinkin' cool and I didn't even know it ;D

  6. Agent K takes it personally if If I don't stop in and since it's way better than getting stung-


    That was THE best day'o' the Lake ever!

  7. Hooray for friends who take (and post) photos of the same event!

    Hope you find your camera soon. I know what that kind of withdrawal feels like!!


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