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Let's review...

When I was thinking of what to post for today I thought to myself, Self, make it easy on yourself, just put up some pictures of all the fun stuff you have been doing lately. Super easy, shmeasy. Well I started the ever so easy process 2 hours ago. Hmmm....

So,here is a somewhat short summary of what our summer has been like so far and Sally sold sea shells by the sea shore....could I have added any more "s" words to this sentence?? Hah! I guess so. :)

Here you go.

Fidget learned to fly.

The kids got lost in the Loch.

I tried out my mad photo skillz on The Fourth. This is my darling, showing me a little love.

The masses; playing in the sprinkler.

On Memorial weekend we camped with a group of friends. I thought I would play Martha Stewart Rachel Ray and make a cake. Note to self: don't make cake while camping. We had lovely chocolate charcoal.

You can read more about this adventure here.

Teaching kids to ride without training wheels is harder on the parents than the children.

One night I strolled into the bathroom to find this thing flapping against the window. From the size and shape of the shadow I thought it was a bat. I, yelled for help. Because it is a well know fact that bats can eat through glass, and I was freaked out by all the freaking flapping. Inspector the the rescue. He yells, (doing his best impression of Mrs. Doubtfire) help is on the way! Being intrigued by the size and shape of it, the Inspector decided to GRAB it. This caused me to suffer a mild coronary. As it turns out I lived and so did the most bizzare, ginormus, hairy moth I have ever seen in my life.

Pretty foxgloves.

I have had altogether too much fun photographing the flora on the farm.

Last, but certainly not least, was the most recent fun; watching my son play ball. Notice home (paper) plate? (That was the Inspector's idea.) Oh, and of course the man child's form. Doesn't he have good form?! I am so proud of that kid.

There you have it folks the longest, short post ever! Have a great weekend.


  1. The firework Valentine is my favorite!

  2. Katie, Looks like you all had a great time!

  3. Thanks for sharing. And I mean thanks for sharing you and all of yours.


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