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Just a MEme:: 2

I have been tagged! Lea at the Shabby Olde Potting Shed asked me to participate in a meme.

Here is my 8 Things Meme + 2, just because I am like that. ;P

10 Things I say a-lot:
  1. Dude! Get OUT!
  2. LOVE YOU!
  3. Honey?!!
  4. OH! That dad-blasted DOG!! (and other variations thereof)
  5. Chick, chick, chick. Chicken!
  6. No. No. Not. Gonna. Happen.
  7. Let's Eat!
  8. Serenity NOW!
  9. Sah-weeet!
  10. I am sooo, gonna blog that!

10 Books/Magazines I have read lately:

  1. Every Thought Captive~Jerusha Clark (Powerful)
  2. The Bible~NIV and MSG (Reading Proverbs)
  3. Creating Keepsakes Magazine (LoOOOve It!)
  4. Time Saving Gardener~Carolyn Hutchinson (Not as good as I thought it would be)
  5. Bee Season~Myla Goldberg (WOW this was a weird one!)
  6. Miserly Moms~Jonni McCoy (All-time Fave!)
  7. Cold Mountain~Charles Frazier (Excellent, wonderfully written book.)
  8. Country Home Magazine (I like to daydream my way through this one)
  9. The Well Trained Mind~ Wise & Bauer (I think this is one of the best resources for Classical Education)
  10. Pride and Prejudice~ Jane Austen (My favourite love story)

10 Movies I have seen 10+ times: (mostly kids shows but who cares right??)

  1. Love Actually
  2. Pride and Prejudice: New and old versions
  3. Frontier House
  4. All the Little Bear Movies
  5. The Holiday
  6. Sweet Home Alabama
  7. Love Comes Softly Series
  8. Big Fat Liar
  9. The Princess Bride
  10. Anne of Green Gables PBS-version

10 Things I am working on:

  1. Not procrastinating.
  2. Clearing out my clutter.
  3. My sisters Watercolor Quilt done in blues.
  4. Making my bed everyday.
  5. Writing down my goals.
  6. Planting the garden.
  7. Quite time for me everyday.
  8. Americana apron for Chickie Momma.
  9. Doing something creative EVERY single DAY!
  10. Body for Life.

And just for fun.

10 Things I love right now:

  1. Those dear to my heart~Always!
  2. Blogging: both reading and writing, as often as possible.
  3. My camera.
  4. Fresh food and flowers.
  5. Sunshine.
  6. The music of Charlie Sutton, Bob Marley, Jack Johnson and new to me The Vitamin String Quartet.
  7. Sun-dresses with flip-flops.
  8. Roasted Marshmallows.
  9. Iced Tea w/loads of ice and a twist of lemon.
  10. Working in the garden.

At this point I am supposed to tag a bunch of bloggers, but everyone I read has already been tagged. Except one..

Farm Suite: Tag you're it!

Have a great day!


  1. *Squeal*!!! An APRON! I can't wait I can't wait... and I think I like your magazine choices :)

  2. i love the 10 movies! mines similar, except the age level is lower lol.. love princess bride! even my 5 yr old can recite it lol

  3. You have the best movie and reading lists. Thanks for tagging me.

    Oh, and PS: If you blogged everything you said was blogworthy, we'd all have a lot of funny stuff to read!

  4. I could watch Love Actually once a week-it's that Colin Firth!

  5. OH! I hear you Mrs. G. My hubby and I watch Love Actually as a rule, every year 3 weeks before Christmas.

    I just happen to squeese it in a few more times throughout the year. I have a special place in my heart for Liam personally, and Hugh and well, Colin for that matter.

    It must be the accents?!

  6. pSST Farm chick,
    Me and Abe are sittin here reading your answers.. (abe is my corgi) I think he is only sittin here with me because I have a plate of chicken nuggets. :)
    I so loved all your answers! Think I need to read that Every Thought Captive!~ And dontchya just love Creating Keepsakes mag? Lisa Bearnson is adorable, and a christian too!
    You didnt really get rid of all those wonderful tupperware wannabes did you? All my tupperware says KOOLWHIP ;)
    I so look foward to gettin to know you better. Your writing is awesome.. I love it here!


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