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Enough already!

There you have it folks. This is my "vase". Have a great Mother's Day. Mine is sure to be less than exciting since I already emptied my "vase". O' but wait, some one I know has a FULL "vase". I will be going to her house for Mother's Day ;o)
P.S. It just occurred to me that I have been busting my butt to clean my kitchen and here it is Mother's Day weekend. Does anyone else think that is bunk?!
I. Quit. (Ha, yeah right!)


  1. Happy Mother's Day. I hope the IG and your children spoil you rotten!

  2. It appears you already had your Mother's Day drink!

    I don't think it's bunk that your kitchen is already clean... I think you'll wake up tomorrow and be happy that it's clean and even more happy that you don't have to HINT to everyone around you to do it knowing full well that they won't. hahaha!


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