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Just a MEme

At the prompting of my darling friend Misty I will now attempt to be cool. Herein I will list for you (my four readers) my four things.

Four Jobs I've held:
  1. Skippers Sea Food ~Waitress
  2. Pizza Hut ~ Waitress Extraordinaire
  3. Luzetta's Flowers ~ Florist, go-to girl
  4. Flower delivery girl for some company I can't remember 'cause I blocked it out.

Four Movies I could watch over and Over and OVER!

  1. Pride and Prejudice (new and old version)
  2. Love Actually
  3. Frontier House
  4. Anne of Green Gables (PBS version)

Four Places I've lived:

  1. Oregon
  2. Oregon
  3. Oregon
  4. Idaho

Four T.V. shows I like to waste my time on:

  1. Grey's Anatomy (die hard junkie)
  2. Little Bear
  3. October Road
  4. Little Bear

Four of my favourite foods:

  1. Dove Dark Chocolate's
  2. Chinese food
  3. Hazelnut coffee creamer (with coffee of course)
  4. BBQ potato chips

Four place I would rather be:

  1. Lorane
  2. Europe (anywhere)
  3. At the beach
  4. Montana 1860

At this point you are supposed to tag four people with this meme. Since I only have four readers and two have already done it I will tag two.

Chickie Momma and 40 something (I hope they get the memo:)


  1. who doesn't love little bear????

    And yes. Love Actually. who couldn't love that movie. It's a definate favorite...
    I should put it on my list. Anything with C. Firth (did I tell you I've met him???) is worth watching every second of every day...

  2. I want to steal your favorite movie list. It is so much better than mine. Do we share the same four readers or could we combine blogs and have eight readers?

  3. Memo noted... but I must add more readers, for I have none that are unique and UN-Meme'ed. Is that a word?

  4. Omigosh! Omigosh! Omigosh! I've been tagged. That's my first ever! Wow! Now I really feel like a blogger. Thank you.

    I wonder if you still feel that way after you've been tagged like 100 times?

    Cool, now I don't have to think too hard about what to write tomorrow.


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