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Addendum: Caution! Explosives ahead!

I am still slightly shocked and amazed at myself for writing such a novella. I have received nothing but kudos from all my Chicky friends and yes even my Inspector General. The I.G. is the reason for this particular post. While he did pour on the love, he also thought I was unjust in my telling of the story. The part of the story directly involving his leaving "the planning meeting", that is.

The daring Inspector General stood fast in the face of his enemy. (He did wonders for my sad, wimpy, self.) He took the foe by the throat and didn't back down. (for a while, any way) He stared hard into the face of the wavering and subject changing Martha. (while I meekly watched the goose bumps rise on her arms) With shaking hands she dodged his mighty sword. Victory was close at hand. Hark, the Martha affords no mercy. After he felt he could push no further, he conceded. The mountain (of paperwork) was too tall. Sir Inspector General rode off on his gallant white horse. Alas, he did not relent only to lick his wounds in private.

While his damsel was in much distress.......wringing her hands and wailing (shuffling paperwork and arguing)........

My most amazing knight, made our children finish a weeks worth of lessons in 'nary an hour.

This made me one happy damsel, considering........


  1. Assure him that he did not look badly leaving... Truly... My only wonder was if he believed the lies, and was angry at you.
    But I sold him short. He is a smart guy... silly me. :)

  2. Too funny. The Conquering I.G. Or, "ig," like Ignacious, Iggy Pop, and the old grocery store (what did IGA stand for?).

    Hey, I wanna be a snapdragon! Maybe that's why Martha snapped your head off and made you say things.


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