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Wow! I just did Yoga for the first time in 7 years. This was an incredible experience. I had made a plan last night, got up early and actually did it! I made the Inspector an egg sandwich and sent him off to work, then got right to it. I laid out my mat and started the Sun Salutation right in front of the giant picture window that faces east. It was so awesome to do the Sun Salutation while the sun was rising. I had this almost out of body experience where my body seemed to take over and there was no thought involved. It was thrilling to let my muscle memory take over. I did, once upon a time, do Yoga faithfully for 3 years. I looked fabulous! I felt amazing! The yogi was jealous of my flexibility. Then came baby #3, followed by my blown out knee and Fibromyalgia. I have let my weight and emotions spin out of control for the last 6 years. Today, I put it all aside and did what I know to do; I centered myself and stretched muscles that haven't been stretched in far too long. I breathed deeply and let the stress fall from my body. I twisted into positions I was convinced I was too fat to complete (read: some of them cut the circulation off to my legs but I did them anyway, LOL) I must have been a sight wobbling and flopping around on my mat!

This morning my body worked for me, not against me; something that hasn't happened in a long time. I am floating on a high that I hope will carry me over 'till tomorrow morning, when I will rise to greet the day again.



  1. I LOVE Yoga... and I am my own worst enemy and practice it practically never.
    I definatly don't rock!


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