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School's in!

Here are the kids getting their instructions at the Horse Clinic we attended yesterday. I think that Head-Long and Miss G were the only one's who haven't heard it all before.

Pre-teen and way too cool for school, Head-Strong was bored out of his mind! He was ready to leave before it was even his turn to ride. He asked if he "had" to ride? My response was "I paid $55 bucks for you to ride; you better get on that horse Mr." His eyes rolled in disdain. The gal running the show did recognize this, thank heavens, and she made Head Strong ride with his hands on his head and other fun stuff. Like mounting up with no block.

Poor guy had a hard time of it too. The toes of his Romeos were too big to fit in the stirrups. As you can see, he made the best use of his long 'ole legs.
The girls were also a bit on the low side. They have all ridden before and were not looking forward to being led around by the teacher. They weren't that freaked out about the craft that was prepared for them either. Although, they made some cute Foamy picture frames and bookmarks.

Miss G and Miss Fidget, along with Head-Long had a blast at the sticker table. The gruesome threesome had stickers and backing paper spread all over the place. I hope that the instructor didn't want to have leftovers for next week~sigh!

Miss G and Head-Long have had a love/hate relationship from the moment they met. One day they are so sweet, blowing kisses and all. The next, they are in a lovers quarrel that would make the best romance novel to date. Miss G once stole one of Head-Long's chicken nuggets, (totally out of spite since she doesn't even like them) and one would have thought WW III had broken out. Yesterday they seemed to be getting along swimmingly. Here they are doing their best impression of cute.

Here are the big girls doing a little "Saddle Club" pose. As well as Miss Fidget, taking her turn on the Old Gray Mare.

All told it took way too long and was sorta lame, but I think the kids had a decent time and are looking forward to next week when they get to do it again. They have been assured that they will be riding on their own, in the arena.

Till next time........

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  1. LOVE the photos! What adorable children; obviously talented & gifted as well. I can tell from the pictures! That was a fun day.


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