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Here are some funny saying from my four year old baby genius :

Head-Long to Head-Strong, while changing the chick water.

"Brother, what are they (the chicks) doing that for?" to which Head-Strong replies "Oh, it's fine. That is just instincts". Head-Long: "Their ends stink?" sniffing. :)

To mom one lazy Sunday morning:

Pulling the blankets off mom's head, "Are you not well?" This is a classical homeschooler's dream.

To dad in the middle of the night:

"Ummm, dad.....I have, *pause to think* HAD a nightmare." Inspector and I peer at each other in the dark~What? "I am scared and don't want to go back to my room, dad. I want to sleep with you!" My heart was breaking. Inspector told him to go back to bed~arr. I returned him to his bed with lots of kisses, to which he replied. "Oh, mom you are so great! I love you so much. Kiss me!" *melt*

To Miri, in her Suburban:

Miri rolling up backseat window is pelted with screams. "NO! You can't roll up my window! I have to get my powers up!" he loudly protested. LOL!

Fighting with Miss G:

"I am THE RED Ranger! You can NOT be the red ranger!" Miss G, dripping sweet, almost singsong, "I....am......the red.....ranger...." *batting eyes* (she has no idea what a red ranger is, neither does Head-Long for that matter) Head-Long screams back "You can NEVER be the RED RANGER, he has POWERS!!!! *striking super hero pose* They went back and forth for a long time, till one of the older kids says "hey, you can both be the RED RANGER" *duh* This was a small miracle, to the mothers who tried to quite these two.

To mom first thing after waking up:

"Hey! Get me a pop-stickle!" *what-eveh*

Pat answer to everything:

"IT was Fidget!"

To mom when getting hair brushed:

"Don't touch my curl'os. They are mine!":)


  1. You forgot to mention his naming something "noodle." That may not rate for a family blog, but since I have no boys, it is the funniest thing EVER to me.

  2. That was a hilarious post... what's this about a NOODLE?? LOL


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