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Dearest Aunt Joyce,

Thank you so much for the phone call last night. It truly was providence! I am sure that mom wouldn't mind that you mis-dialed her number and got mine just right.

It has been so long since I have seen the rest of the family. It was comforting to hear all the home town news; catch up on where everyone has run off to and with whom~haha! I miss the big family dinners, with all the food, fighting and of course fun, fun, fun. It seems so unfamiliar to never run into the family in the grocery store, to not wave to them from the yard. For me the adjustment of leaving "home" has been a hard one.

I apologize for using your nickle to chat for so long. It was so worth it to me! I hope it brought as much joy to your evening as it did mine. Ring me again, on accident anytime!

Much Love,

Your Niece


  1. What a precious coincidence (if there is a such thing).

  2. i love this. I am so disjointed from my family... the things you miss made me a wee bit sad!


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