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Frost is on the vine......

When I went out this morning for a few sticks of wood, I was shocked to see the frost. It was cold I was sure. But frost, no! It's spring for Pete's sake. It was beautiful to say the least. I snagged the camera and took a few shots of frozen plants. Praying all the while, that the neighbors weren't up yet. I was, sadly, in my bathrobe and slippers. It was so cold, I was shaking so I didn't get very many good pictures, but it was memorable non the less.
I had no intention of letting the peony shoots get frosted, but they did. I have been babying those pathetic shoots along for weeks now. Most of them end up trampled by the dog (re:dog did get shot, but not by me, sadly, did I just say that?? Out load??) who is currently in the "dog house" for eating the neighbors' trash. We have two poorly placed Peony Trees. Both need to be moved, but to where? They are both big enough that they might die in transit. So the dilemma is, risk killing them or let them take over the walkway. None of the rest are in great spots either; I keep forgetting to mark them when they die off in the fall so that I can move them. Maybe this will be the year.....if they survive the frost.
Why is it that the blackberries aren't fazed by the frost~AT ALL!!?? They sure make a pretty picture though.....

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  1. Who keeps turning the thermostat down at night? Huh?? The last two mornings were the same as yours for me. Pleasantly surprised by the sunshine spilling in my windows, I get up only to see the ground frozen and sparkly. I like sparkly things, but not if they mess with my new tender strawberry plants! Hope they turn out to be as hardy as your blackberries!


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