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Man has it been a day!!

I just don't know where to start........ I seem to have mediated one screaming fight after another all day long. There has been slapping and other hitting, bitting and clawing, and an emmence amount of tears. Even Cinna-bun (aka: Charro) the rabbit was clawing and got Fern on the hand with her Charro like claws!

My right eye has had a twitch all day I wonder why??!!

Have you ever read the book No fighting, No biting? I quote just that to the kids all the time......"no fighting, no biting". Today it did no good to even threaten them with "DAD".

I think that spring break has lost its lustre......I need some serenity NOW!!


  1. Dear, Dear KL, it is April Fool's, but after your day yesterday I have not the heart to prank you. Hope today is better!

  2. Don't know why they call it Spring Break - it's usually more like Spring Hell. haha! Hope today is better...

  3. Just realized I said the same thing that M did. Well, we really DO hope today is better!!

  4. bless your heart! you poor thing... It's this maddening winter-out-of-nowhere weather. It's slowly driving our children insane.

  5. awww sorry about your peonies. it's still too cold here to start anything, though the kids and i are going to start our indoor jiffy pots this week! We're still half snow/ half mud!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!


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