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Chicken flies the coop!

Edited to add: When I started my blog I called it Milk-house Musings.

This little chick has flown the coop. I am sorry to say that I no longer own a milk house. What is a farm chick to do with out her milk house? I do have a greenhouse now. Although, Greenhouse Musings just doesn't have the same ring. Hmmm, what is a farm chick to do??

I could hardly believe it when I opened my blogger account, it has been nearly a year since I was here. What have I been up to? Moving mostly. Moving my mother, moving myself, moving my plants (much to my husbands dismay), moving my animals and I am still moving my furniture around in the hopes of finding the perfect arrangement. My family thought that we had made our last move. But 'lo, God had other plans for us. Now I am back, right where I started three and a half years ago. There is a constant sense of deja vu being back in the place you just moved from a year ago. I am not used to this.

Shortly after moving, I lost half of my flock of chickens. I mean lost, literally. I have no idea what happened to those girls. They just disappeared. I guess they flew the coop too! In an effort to boost my egg supply for the coming year I have just purchased 15 babies. On Easter though two of them had heart attacks and died. So I am reduced again. I am determined to not loose any more chickens.

What is a farm chick to do?

Blog more. Muse often. Keep better track of chickens.


  1. Now I really DO want to move in! It sounds amazing...

  2. Hey, KL, I love your blog nearly as much as I envy your greenhouse and chicken coop. The Sanity Savers must stick together in their nearly rural states of -- holy cow, it's snowing outside! On Spring Break. And on my daffodils.


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