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What week is this?? ~5K

Well I feel terrible. Plain and simple.

Since the last time I posted I have completed the Dr. Pepper RE-saturation process. Which has since resulted in a 600lb weight gain. Hey, it feels like it, OK! This weight, could indeed be contributed to the massive amount of snot filling my head right now and not the Dr. Pepper at all.


Have been too busy with homeschool to do much of any exercise. I feel like a big fat schmo! (I have no idea what a schmo is.....so if someone really knows, enlighten me please.) A 600 pound schmo with a burning desire to sit with a box of tissue and a Big Gulp.


Well I hope you other 5 k'ers are doing better than I. Here's to starting fresh.....after..... just one more D.P.

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