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Beginning and Ending

The year twenty-eleven was fraught with death, dismemberment, chaos, and overeating.  The year was chock-a-block with comings and goings, which brought heartaches and joy and more overeating. The price of gas rose as did my grocery bill. Our farm lost some trees and more animals. I found a few gray hairs.We waved goodbye as dear friends left us behind. We cried selfish tears for loved ones who went Home to Jesus ahead of us. Life was one hard (and expensive) day after the next.

Happily, we said good-bye to 2011.

Thoughts of years gone by flooded my brain...times when all were happy to see the end of the year and times when it felt as if things were just beginning.  There are markers in time, snippets posted firmly in my memory bank, of simpler times. Times when life seemed to trip lightly along. Time where we saw no death of loved ones; animal or human. Time when fueling the Suburban did not induce cardiac arrhythmia. Time before Wii. Time before Teens and Terrible Two's . There was a time when I sat with my wee-bitty babies and thought life was most glorious and all in the world was good. Time before so many worries occupied my brain night and day. Time when I couldn't wait for the New Year to open the next chapter in my life. Time when I could not wait to add another year to my belt as it stood for wisdom gained: Another year wiser.

The start of twenty-twelve finds me hopeful. And weary. Also, ready for an exercise regime. I am happy to have a full year of resolution (woke-4:30 in summer 5:30 in winter-with my husband every work day, save for a few sick days) under my belt. I am contemplating this next year of resolution and thinking it will involve my blog....my poor, sad, neglected blog. I am still pondering my one little word for 2012. There is much to mull over. There are pictures to be taken. Memories to be stored. There is life to be lived, pounds to be shed and tears to be swept away.  There are doors ready to be closed and new beginnings waiting to be discovered.

Good-bye crappy year. Hello bright shiny New Year.


  1. Goodbye old used-up year! Hello more blogs to read!!

  2. It's the most wonderful time a year! Such hope. Such anticipation of better things to come. And then, we do it again.

  3. I am praying that all of us have a year of growth and love and embracing all of life...even the blah parts.

  4. Oh, friend. Crappy? Sappy and overlappy. (What?!) Here's to a lovely 2012.

    I decree it so.

  5. Amen...

    in my 35 years of life, NEVER have I been so happy to kick a year in it's tush and send it away...


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