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This is from one of the weddings I shot this summer. I love the clothesline. I love the strings of lights. The twilight....very pretty.


 I captured this tender moment between brothers yesterday. Both of my boys are suffering from illness.  My man child has just returned from a mission trip to Mexico, where he must have been bitten by a dog or a seal because he is barking up a storm.  He sounds terrible but that didn't stop him from reading a little of  "The Sneetches" to his baby brother who has a mild case of Conjunctivitis. 
This makes me so happy.  I love that my oldest isn't too cool to snuggle on the couch and read Dr. Seuss to his brother.  


 This is my youngest child; dramatic and funny are his middle names. We have been standing in the July heat for 1.75 hrs waiting for our local parade -in which he is participating-to start.  Someone just told him he is allowed to "shoot" the crowd with a squirt gun.  He was excited, to say the least.


My friend Miri and I have a tradition.  Every October, we  make a birthday (Miri's)  pilgrimage to the Sylvia Beach Hotel.   We lounge. We read. We take photos.  We sip tea and take in the glorious ocean air. Otherwise,  we enjoy the quiet lack of children, animals, cell phones and T.V.   
Note:  The hotel, from-which my friend is basking in the ocean sunset above, is remodeling.    Alas, there will be no pilgrimage this year.  There will be no sipping of tea or lounging. There will be no photographing. There will be no lack of noise.  This year we must make other plans.

 (Insert loud sigh here)

Dear Sylvia Beach Hotel,
Hurry up with that remodeling! 
Katie and Miri

Happy 20th Anniversary of your 20th Birthday my dear sweet friend! May it be wonderful even without the quiet ocean view.


  1. My mother took me to the Sylvia Beach hotel for a sixteenth birthday mother-daughter trip. We thought it was wonderful. I can't help but feel remodeling in that place must mean very good things.

  2. Wonderful pictures! I hope your boys are feeling better soon and you find a good alturnative for your October getaway - it sounds just too good to miss out on :)

  3. That photo of Miri is the best ever. I feel so peaceful just looking at it!

  4. I hope that whatever you do together will be fun, also.

  5. Nonsense, you'll just have to POSTPONE the annual birthday pilgrimage. The 20 anniv. of her 20th MUST, neigh, WILL BE CELEBRATED!:P

  6. What a great idea to take a birthday pilgrimage. I think I'm going to have to run this one past my friend Ellen. We went to a B&B while I was pregnant this past year because it was a rough one stress wise. But an annual tradition -- now, that I could get into. That photo of your friend is so gorgeous. I hope one of you has it framed somewhere!

  7. Thanks for all the lovely comments. My interweb went down right after I posted this. I am making my way around to all of your blogs.


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