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I read a post this morning by one of my favourite bloggers-Jade from Chikaustin. (FYI Jade is having some technical difficulties with her site.)  Jade finished her post with a question: What have you learned this week?

This intrigued me. What have I learned this week?

The whole concept of growing and learning has been bouncing around in my head for quite some time now. While I have many thoughts and opinions on this topic, I want to keep it simple for today.

::Don't stress about school when the kids are sick. Their brains will not turn to mush.
::Don't make 'Garden Style' spaghetti. No one likes it but you.
::Pink eye-stink eye, you will not get the better of me.
::I have far too many good ideas and not enough follow-through. Must find a way to remedy this problem.
::I love taking photographs. 
:: I can make a beautiful loaf of bread. And as the world is "supposed" to end on Friday, (which I might add, I just learned about this morning) I shall eat a whole loaf of it.  all. by. myself.  AND. I shall slather it in homemade jam.
::Being sick and not having a dishwasher, sucks eggs.

What have you learned this week?


  1. What??? The world is ending AGAIN??? Didn't it just end? Is this that crazy profit guys "oh wait, it's this day." thing. ugh...

  2. I learned that not only do you love taking photographs, but you have one of the BEST eyes for it! And I've also learned how to be a better friend by just being near you :)

  3. I wish I could like Lexi's comment.

  4. You like the Garden Spaghetti too, heh? My hubby hates it. Maybe you and I should make a spaghetti date and pig out just to show them all. *mwahahaha*

    I like people who never stop learning...

  5. Well girls, you always make me smile. Thanks for lifting me up and Paula... we are so "on" for Spaghetti night!


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