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Week in the Life: Playing catch up

So. I had this goal. I have been planning it all out in my head, for months now. I told all my friends, for accountability purposes. I recently made some notes, printed worksheets.  I gathered a few supplies. I charged my camera battery and wiped all the pictures off my SD cards.

The  project; Week in the Life 2011.  The goal; make it to the finish line.

On Sunday (official start day was Monday but I like to draw things out as much as possible) I started (along with scads of other dedicated folks and the projects creator, Ali Edwards) a photo journaling/scrapbooking project called 'Week in the Life'.  I have done the WITL project in years past but have never seen it to completion.  For one reason or another, I take off running then fall flat on my face.  This year, I decided, would be different.  This year, I decided to finish. I made it a goal.  I am determined.  Part of my determination was to post everyday during said project and thus far I have failed miserably.  I am late (I was born late, seriously.) to the party. Again. Still, I shall not be dissuaded.


Being that this is the week of my second 'Wedding Photo' gig, I am slightly stressed out.  I am shooting and researching. And researching and shooting. And stressing. (Also, having night mares about being late to the wedding. Not good.)

Again, I remain determined.

Notes-to-self for this week:

     *Relieve stress by digging hands in the warm dirt of my garden, breathing in the wonders of this life I have been given-taking pictures all along the way.
     *I will not beat my self up over being late.... again. 
     *I will take amazing wedding shots tomorrow! I can do eeeet! (Thanks so much to Joy for volunteering to be     my assistant. Joy, you rock!)
     *Determination Station, here I come!

    Today I am posting a few shots from the last few days of WITL+ Words.

Sunday: Camp day. Oldest kids at camp all week.
Number of photos for Sunday| 64 digi + 48 shots on film

{My youngest boy and Lexie's youngest girl}

Monday: Fidget turns 9. Boater experience.
Number of photos for Monday| 145

{Baby girl partied on the Bay. First time on a boat. Said over and over again that she " didn't feel like 9 yet".}

Tuesday: Garden girl. Girl fun. Working man.
Number of photos for Tuesday| 502

{Finally, the garden provideth.}

{That is notJoy behind the funny mag ad.}

{He brings home the bacon and I fry it up.}

Wednesday: Town day. Park fun. Flower bokeh.
Number of photos for Wednesday| 285

{To make up for a whole day in the car we let the kids run in the park. The rock wall was a favourite.}

{The long ride home.  Sun in the eyes.  Flowers on the dashboard. A little bit of bokeh.}


  1. Ahhhhh... very nice to see a week in the life of Miss Katie!
    Happy Birthday, Fidget, you old coot....

  2. Love your pics. Good luck with the project.

  3. Just mailed her a birthday card. late. I am so sorry... it's the way it goes these days...

    loved this post. It should be a weekly thing... maybe i am inspired.

  4. Great pics, Katie! I love the one of your daughter on the boat! Gorgeous!

  5. Also...I love your new blog header! So pretty!

  6. Tracy, thanks so much. I am so glad you have "returned" to your starshine blog! Thanks for stopping by!


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