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The BIG day and parenthetical mayhem

With wedding number one (two more left to go) now under my belt, I am more than ready for a little break.

Note to self: Taking wedding pictures is UBER stressful.  Who knew?  Take a bunch of pictures of pretty people, in pretty clothes, at a pretty venue... and you have stress (hello stress!) with a capitol S. My constant thought was: What if something malfunctions on the camera?  What if I miss the glory shot? What if every single picture is blurry? What if....it rains? What if..the cake melts?  What if ...I fall flat on my face and break something and have to be rushed to the Emergency Room?  (Seriously, these thoughts kept me up at night.)

Alas, thanks to a handy modern invention called the Image Stabilization Lens and all my peeps  (thank you!thank you!!thank you!!!) who loaned me their precious photo taking devices (six in all) and Photoshop, to correct lighting issues, my first gig as a Wedding Photographer (sounds so professional doesn't it?) went over without a hitch.   I have successfully captured lovely wedding memories for my little brother (Congrats ya little twerp!) and his new bride (I love you Kayla!). 

( I didn't fall flat on my face and have to be rushed to the E.R but I did almost break my leg stumbling in a gopher hole. Thank you uncoordinated-self.)

*insert sigh of relief*

While the cute couple is off enjoying sun, surf and sand, I am editing and packaging up the wedding photo montage.  Number of photo's taken: 1,322.  That folks, is a lot of pictures to sort through. I will be a busy girl for a while.

For now, here is a (teeny-tiny) sneak peek.



  1. As one who got to see ALL OF THEM...Great job! Can't wait to see what you do on the 29th. :P

  2. Yes... worst photo stress ever. Everything else can be reshot but weddings...

  3. A job well done- two more to go! I don't envy you- I did a wedding once for a friend (not because I'm a good photographer but because I was the cheapest. Free.)
    I think I had nightmares about what could go wrong for a week before the wedding. I was the most nervous person there!


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