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Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

I know. My posting is totally sporadic and random. I am spazzy. But friends, my plate is full. The worst part is, I have so many posts in draft that most of them are no longer relevant so I can't even rely on scheduling a post.  I have no plan for my blog space. I have no plan for life in general but that is a blog for another day.


So much going on!  The calamities are still abundant but something is missing. I think its pictures. There haven't been near enough picture posts here in Calamity-ville.

I have been working on honing my photo skillz for my little brothers upcoming wedding.  I am currently shooting with four different cameras. (Talk about spazzy!)  I am nervous about taking the pictures for this big event.  I am excited for this new opportunity.  I am filling C.F. and S.D. cards (as well as my hard drive)  with more images than I have ever shot before.  I am working with a snazzy film camera as well.  It feels like ages since I loaded a roll of film into the back of a camera. I am even loving the anticipation of waiting for the pictures to be developed.

Needless to say I am inundated with photos. Some of them are worthy of sharing and some of them are...well, junk is a nice word for it.  I am working on some editing in order to get some pic's posted but like I said earlier, the plate is full.  It may take me a while but I will persevere.

I will post.  I will post...PICTURES.  Minimal calamities. No cheesy song lyrics. And ... skads and skads of pictures.

 For now, I will leave you with one random photo.

 Drops of water on my peony.

(On Monday night we had nice rain storm.  I went out in the morning and shot all things blooming.)


  1. And now... As if my day wasn't bad enough- i have Lional Richie in my head.

  2. Amen to Misty's comment... nothing like an 80's number to fill an empty void in your head.

    That being said, great picture, as always!
    I am needing a seriously BIG hard drive to put all my pictures on right now... my poor little computer is coughing and sputtering under all the weight of my photos.
    (Not to mention put them in some kind of order, for Pete's sake! *sigh*)

  3. Lovin' the drops! You take GREAT pictures. You go girl! You can do it!

  4. That's a cool pic! I am excited to see pics from the wedding too - I know you'll do a GREAT job!

  5. Hope the weeding goes great, but that the weekend is fun and relaxing before.

  6. I am hoping for relaxation before hand. But stressing non the less. Love you gals. Here's hoping I can check back in again sooner than later.

  7. I went around once and shot everything bloomin'. only I used firecrackers. It was a lot more fun that way. Wait,...maybe it was John that was blowing stuff up and I was just there laughing my bunday off. Ah, John...he had a great laugh. We laughed too much.


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