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Sit and spin

Still trying to iron out the wrinkles in the very outdated and dusty computer/interweb business.  Whodathunk that every program we own would have to be updated, upgraded and dug out from under piles of junk. Not me I guess. I assumed (ahem, we all know what that means) that my darling spouse would simply plug the computer in to the modem and interweb as we knew it would be up and running, lickety-split. As will all things technical, well all things in general, nothing is ever easy here in Calamity-ville.


Obviously not I.  I am like a spoiled child.  I want my candy. NOW.  I want to sit at my desk and open my  picture files, effortlessly of course, and upload photo after lovely photo to my wonderful little blog.  But no!  I sit down and immediately my computer sticks out her tongue and says "neener-neener you can't play here". Then Ms. Compy  proceeds to blow a big fat raspberry right in my face. How could she? I mean seriously!  She simply doesn't understand that I have dreamed of the day I would have the interweb again. What does she expect me to do while she does her house keeping?  I have blog posts galore waiting to be published.  I have recipes, stories and photos to share. All this will have to wait till all the cobwebs are swept away and Ms. Compy has her house in order again.

Meanwhile, I am trying not sit and spin my wheels: aka trying not to stomp my feet and throw a fit like the big fat baby I am. So, I am planning the garden for this year. I am trying very hard  not to be tempted by the adorable baby chicks at the feed store. {I barely made it out sans chicks yesterday.} I am catching up on the laundry pile up. I am spending far too much time dreaming of moving to the "real" country; thanks in no small part to The Pioneer Woman.  After the big wind/rain storm we had on Sunday, I am reevaluating my emergency supply stash and finding it seriously lacking. Wishing I could be stitching up a batch of these little beauties.

Well, 'the days a wasting' as Grandma would have said. Have a productive week.


  1. Ok so I got off by an HOUR out of my routine (like I even have one) by clicking on that last link! LOVE her site (and aprons!)... so I will be frequenting it :)

  2. I'm convinced all computers are possessed by an evil force.
    Mine plays games with me too, and the funny thing is, I feel SO smart when I think I've outwitted it. *Harumphh*
    I can't go to the feed store right now, or I'll come out with every chick in there. Hubby has already threatened my life, so...
    LOVE those aprons- I dream of being able to match fabric colors and patterns like that.

  3. Gorgeous aprons... oh to sew...

    Wish we were there, in your way-more-country-living-than-our-cookie-cutter-sub, to help clean your computer house and just spend lovely time with you...

    Now i will be the one to pitch a fit!


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