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Livin' la vida gluten free

So, I think that I might be gluten intolerant.  How does one determine such nonsense?  Well, you stop eating bread for a few months, feel absolutly maaaavalooos daahling for said few months, then eat your self a sandwich.  And feel like crap.  No, much worse than crap: Crappy Crap.

In an effort to eliminate wheat and wheat like substances from my kitchen I have been shocked out of my wits.  What does one eat, when one has no freakin' bread? Well, this very question is why I find myself sitting at the library at 6pm on a rainy Tuesday night.  Research people, research.  So far I have done more blogging/reading than actual "research" but hey, I am working toward that end, just slooowly.  Slowly because I really don't want to know what to eat instead of the nice fluffy bread I have been pulling from my oven lately.  No, that oatmeal cinnamon swirl bread is neither gluten free nor on my actual diet, but....

Life is stressful and eating a slice of  bread slathered with homemade butter just makes life better somehow. Right?

So, I guess that I don't really feel that bad after all. 


  1. I'm sure you could make that bread with oat flour. Must. Try.

  2. You can also use buckwheat, corn wheat.

  3. Hi Katie! Have you seen the glutenfreegirl blog? She has some very yummy things on there, including baked goods. I also noticed that Azure carries a gluten free baking mix that you could use. I'm so sorry! I know it's hard to change how you cook overnight. Now that I make all our food from scratch it's so easy for me to see how to change things. Feel free to email me for ideas. Hugs to you! But I'm glad you figured it out at least before your body totally rebelled.

  4. The world demands more blog posts here... or at least my world does :) I see you're attracting spammers too!


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