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Finding time and loosing it again

It seems to me that I am always loosing time. Time slips between my fingers like the dirt I sift in my garden.  Today I had to find the time to sneak off to the library and blog.  After waiting in line (time slipping from my grasp) for a computer to open up (more lost time) I am now blogging with a freinzy not known to me. 

I feel like my time is so very precious, yet I squander it at every opportunity.  I love to loose myself in the land of blog.  I greatly enjoy reading the stories of others; their joys, sorrows and trials put my own into perspective.

Over the Labour Day Holiday weekend my family, along with most of my husbands sisters and brothers, traveled to the Oregon Coast.  We all shared in a precious gift while there; time spent together.  We made many new memories while reliving many old ones.  We attended a wedding and most of us wept at the beauty of the new lives joined together. 

Our time spent on the beach itself ranked at the top of  the list with all of the children

...as well as our dog Jane.

My boys started up a game of Sandball and made some great memories of their own.

All in all, our time spent at the coast was time I didn't mind loosing.  And I daresay everyone else felt the same way.

I hope you all  are able to find the time to make some time.  And find it precious indeed.


  1. I'm glad you had some time at the beach - we miss it so much now that we're pretty much equi-distant from either coast...


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