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Yellow week: day 5

Yellow: Craft

Some of you might have gotten a sneak peek at this quilt a few weeks back, while it was still an infant. Well looky now, its grown into a full blown adolescent quilt! It still needs backing, binding and actual quilting but that will come. It might take me 10 years but....

This is a vintage Watkins Tea can. Anyone remember those? Way back when I was a wee girl my mom and I Tole painted a bunch of these for gifts. This one is a bit scratched and rough around the edges but I think that adds to the patina.

I dd not stitch this little number yet when I saw it at Goodwill (only a dollar!) I had to snatch it up. As I sighed at the utter cuteness of the embroidered flower adorning this seersucker sundress, I thought 'I could totally do that'! I am going to try my hand at adding a little stitching to the pillow case dresses I am making for Craft Hope. I'll let you know how that pans out.

I had a lovely time participating in Yellow Week (even if I was late to the party) a big thanks to Erin, Tracy and all the other participants.

If you would like to see more Yellow Week check out the Flickr pool here.


  1. seriously? you are hand stitching on it? I feel so insignificant...

  2. Mercy... are you trying to shame us all? The quilt is lookin' lovely.
    The little stitchery is so delicate.... I can't wait to see what you do with the pillowcase dresses!

  3. Misty, I can show you how to embroider, if you like. :)

    Thanks Paula! You are so sweet!


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