{What is all the calamity about?}

{Farm Life} ....... {Art} ...... {Learning} ...... {Motherhood} ......{The Story of Us}

What goes on, eh?

Just a random ramble, shedding light on my lack of blogging.

What can I say?I have been busy!

Busy schooling kids. Keeping the home fires burning, literally. Daydreaming of this years garden and sustainability. Making new friends, nurturing old ones. Tending the farm critters. Working on my ninja skillz-actually testing for Camo Belt tomorrow, very nervous. Waiting, not so patiently, for Mrs. G to open the Women's Colony. House training the new puppy; its not going so well. Green with envy over Sue getting an agent. And to top it all off I am still sewing away on pillow case dresses for Craft Hope.

All while trying to maintain some semblance of sanity. And eek out a blog post when I can.

What goes on with you, eh?


  1. quite possibly frighteningly similar and yet all together different things...

    miss you!

  2. Sweet, I just posted what goes on with me, so I don't need to repeat myself right? I mean, cuz I will if you want me to :)

  3. Busy indeed. Your house looks fantastic, your kids are geniuses, your craft room is my source of undying envy... I have no idea why you don't BLOG more!

  4. It sounds like you've been too busy to eek anything out... but I'm very glad when you do update us!
    If you get the belt, can we start calling you Ka-to?

  5. Paula! I just love it when you come to visit. You are HI-larry-US!


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