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Where have all the green backs gone? Part Deux

In a effort to make my self feel better help other folks out, I am going to start posting a helpful hints column at least once a month-more if there is interest.

As I am not sure what you, dear reader, would deem helpful, I need your input. In an effort to make the blog O' sphere a better place for all, won't you help me, help you?

I would like to share recipes, helpful tips and in general, creative ways to stretch our already gymnastic dollar.

In the comments for today, let me know what types of info you might find helpful, regarding this area.


You can read Where have all the green backs gone? the first chapter here.


  1. Nice idea. I love recipes the best, always.

  2. Dear Katie,

    Why should we want to know what you know about frugality?

    Honestly, I know that you are the queen of cheap-to-free, but do the REST of these people know this?

    Just tell us about your $35 living room makeover first, wouldja?

  3. If what Miriam said is true....bring it on Sista.



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