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Where have all the green backs gone.....


Such a small, simple little word. A word that used to have little effect on myself. A word uttered about those other folk, the ones in trouble or those relishing in the excess of their economies.

As of late, I seem to have an issue with economy. Every where I turn this word threatens to drop its heavy burden upon me.

What does economy mean to me? What thoughts pop into my head at the mention of "our economy"? Mainly simple ones.

Cars. Groceries. Gas. Coffee. Wages.

Then....I am swept into a dream of a simpler time. A time baked in the ovens of our fore mothers, and slathered in home churned butter and topped with a dollop of fresh strawberry jam.

Simple. Idyllic. Sweet.

I am sharply brought back to reality by the tantrums of a four year old who does not understand "our economy" and its current lack of Cheese Nips and Froot Loops. Saltines just aren't cuttin' it here mom!

My Granny always said economy is: Getting the most bang for your buck.

Well folks the only 'bang' you'll find around here is, my head against the wall.

Any one else wondering where all the green backs have gone?


  1. ahhh...yep. Wonderin' here as well.

  2. Oh, hang in there! At least the price of gas is going down, right? :)

  3. First of all, it's been a week since I've ready any blogs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new template. Did you do it or have it done?

    Second- ouch. yes. We are still attempting to recover ourselves from our 40% income decrease with chris moving here... BUT, I have this nagging fear of worse times ahead and I don't like that feeling.

  4. Misty~
    Hope things get better for you guys sooner than later! And yes, I did this whole blog thing myself. Amazing, isn't it?!

    Thank goodness for the lower price of gas!

    Hang in there! Hopefully things will take an upturn sometime soon.

  5. All I can say is they are not at my house!

  6. Dang Mrs. G! I was hoping that you were holding them hostage over at your place...poop!

  7. I'm hoarding the greenbacks in my bathroom wall. I figure that'll make a good human interest story when people remodel my house in 80 years or so.

    And I wasn't going to spend them anyway.


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