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Phone conversation between my husband and myself.


K: Honey! I am in love. I am sorry to tell you this at work and all, but I really, truly, am in love.


K: Yes, its the truth. I spent the afternoon staring at him with big moony puppy-dog eyes, hanging on his every word. I am totally, irrevocably, in looovve.

DD: Oh..really...

K: Yes, it can't be helped. Don't even try to stop this budding relationship. It's a done deal.

DD: Hmmm...

K:He has Black Belts in several different Marital Arts, I can't even pronounce them all. He is inspiring and philosophical, he's relateable , he's a great storyteller and he's just plain brilliant....

DD:He's all that, eh?

K: Oh, hooooney.....


K: He's so full of wisdom... The new tutor is...well, astonishing!

I am so in love. Although, I think my husband loves him more than I do...


  1. You need a new check box. "Interesting" and "cool" don't cut it for this one. How about "disturbing in a foreshadowing kind of way." ?


  2. LOL! Disturbing?? In what sort of foreshadowing way...exactly?

  3. let me just say that I love that I know you in real life because, well, I could totally hear this conversation!

    I will join the fan club too, if he is willing to come school my kid.

  4. I'm checking the "disturbing" box too... you are cracked! LOL (Especially since I KNOW this individual!!)

  5. What can I say, it was actually, love at first sight....

    The best part is that T is so excited to learn MORE and MORE...


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