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Frontier House

I am a big fan of the PBS "House" series'. Frontier House being the hands down favourite. I have watched the "Frontier" families struggle and swear, triumph and toil, over and over again for the last several years.

I turn this viewing into a big homeschool event during the summers. We "camp out" and watch TV. Ironic I know but my kids love it. We wrap ourselves in the cloak of history, teeming with adventures unknown. We snuggled up with good books and one great reality TV show. We have "camped out" and experienced the hardships of living in the dirt. But. None of my past experiences or readings have prepared me for the frontier life quite like Frontier House.

A little over a year ago my family had to move back home. We had to admit defeat; that our little wagon trek to the place of our dreams, the Napa of the North, was a failure. Moving back into my old home was very difficult. Settling back into the old way of life became drudgery. It was as though I was a reality TV participant, I was lost in my current reality...I longed for the frontier from whence I had come. I dreamt of those good old days living 3 doors down from my sister in crime. I longed for Dutch Bros runs, Sunday suppers and Church Socials. And for light switches....that work.

One of the interesting things about Frontier House is that it takes modernized people back in time to stake a land claim in Montana during the 1800's. They build their houses and privies from trees they themselves cut and hue. They grow their own food. For all intents and purposes they are living in 1860. Except that, they reach for that blasted light switch every time they enter their cabin.

Travel forward in time with me to October 2008.

Katie heads to the privy and hits the light switch. The light bulb makes a terrible hissing, then a pop and the light goes out. This little event is annoying but Katie is sure that a new light bulb will remedy the dark situation. Upon replacement of old hissing bulb with a shiny new one, shiny new one performs the same action. Katie is befuddled. Katie employs the talent of live in handy man. Handy man is also befuddled. Handy man says: screw it, use the light on the other side of the room.

Travel forward January 2009.

After flipping that blasted light switch for three months with no result, handy man has had enough. One afternoon of struggle, and some cursing....viola! The magic of modern living is restored.

Katie and family are still in shock when the switch responds with illumination. (It's only been a week folks.)

In Yahoo news this morning, thousands of families are predicted to be facing "frigid, light-less nights" till mid-February. MID-February!

I think it's time to "camp out" and watch a round of Frontier House. With the lights on....


  1. I have never even heard of this show...

    And, despite it's character- I still love your house.

  2. I like your house because YOU live there!! :) And I really want to watch this show now...
    The picture? ADORABLE!!!

  3. I would wager a guess that you can find a copy at your library. Maybe Netflix or Blockbuster would have it.

  4. is the show on right now? i've only caught it here and there.

  5. I want to live on on Frontier House, but I'll pass on the Victorian experience.

  6. Very funny with the Frontier House thing. Especially knowing how you freak when the water goes out.


    You know there's no running water on the Frontier... unless you count the icy-cold snow-melt rivers.

  7. I LOVE frontier house. My 2009 vow is for my family to only eat local, organic food so I've been grinding my own grain and making the bread - ACK! Didn't really think this through when I made the pledge. I was just thinking of frontier house this morning when I tried to get my own wild yeasted bread to rise compliantly. I thought of the lady who was entering her bread into a little competition among the women folks. It was the shallow, catty one. She just kept saying "what if my bread doesn't win?". My bread didn't win today and it was the only loaf in the competition. :p

  8. Burprag,
    Ah yes I think that she was "Karen". She just happened to be the one with the lightswitch problem....hmmm.

    I just made bread the other day and it was a total flop. It was about an inch thick...dense.

    I bought a heavy duty KitchenAid with the hopes of grinding my own flours but have yet to buy the grinder...

    And YES I do FREAK out when the well shuts off....I F R E A K!

    Maybe I'm not cut out for frontier life.

  9. I'm just curious... when you say you headed to the privy, was it indoors or out?
    I'm thinking,
    "if it's OUTSIDE.... dang!
    You some kinda frontier wo-man!!"


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