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Better butter::

Ah, good 'ol peanut butter. Eat the easy to spread kind and you consume unknown quantities of dog poop hydrogenated who knows what.

Eat the natural stuff and you are faced with pools of grease that you must then try to reincorporate without slopping all over the front of your shirt, counter and consequently the floor. Then, every time you come back to the butter you must again, start the whole process of slopping the grease all over self and kitchen.

So, my solution? Whip out the Kitchen Aid and mix that stuff up!

I whipped the peanut butter for a few minutes and (editors beware) wallah!

Better butter!

NOTE:: The lovely loaf is Miri's secret recipe 100% Whole Wheat version.

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  1. hey katie, i'm katie too - spotted ya at mrs. g's -
    popped to yer profile and it's funny, i have five kids, i home eduKATE (lol) and love words and artsy fartsy stuff too. i am lusting after a real camera so that i can explore photography, but first i have to conjure up some dinner.

    luffly to meet you, i tried my fave thing of peanut-butter-on-a-teaspoon today, but could only have one lick before i felt turned off - egads! hope i'm not pregs lol.
    mwah X


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