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HEY! Derfwad...

This blog is dedicated to ones I luff.

All righty then Derfs. I have been stalking monitoring the traffic of this here blog for a couple of months now. Wanna know what I found out???

Really? You are too kind!

So, on a daily basis I get about 40 only the teensiest bit exaggerated hits. Yup you heard that right. Fourty. shuddup

Wanna know who visits my blog...huh, huh, do ya?

Well I am not telling.

OK! I suck at this big meanie thing.

Every hit I get on my blog is from the Derfwad Manor! OK, OK! There are 6 of you that are not affiliated with Mrs. G and her free wheeling gaggle of gals. Hey I'm not trying to lump y'all in. I'm just sayin'....

I was on a train of thought here!

Anywhat. For all of you Derfs and fellow Colony members please, mi casa es su casa. Come on in. Come, in!

Oh, don't mind that smell, it's just chicken poop. You'll get used to it. Here, let me just...... shove some of the laundry off the couch so you can sit down. There now, put your feet up. Can I get you anything?

FERN! Get in here and pick up your crap! We have guests.

Would you care for a cup of tea?? A bit of a snack, perhaps? It has been a long journey here, dear me, you must be exhausted. Are you cold?

HEADSTRONG! Get yer kadakus in here right this instant and bring in some fire wood, we have guests!

So, what shall we chat about? Oh, have you heard? I have lost a pound or 10 since I started "The Project" with Mrs. G. Really, you too? THAT IS SO FABULos! We TOTALLY rock! I even made the cutest little button for my blog. Omygoodness, I just have to show you. Even The Big G said it was "perfect". Look...isn't it sweet!

HEADLONG! Go tell that rotten, no good for nuttin', dog to shuddup! We have guests!

Oh will you just look at the time. It is getting late and I am sure that you must be getting back to your place...it has been swell. Here, let me just kick the Barbies and shoes and crap outta the way get that door for you. Watch for chicken poop on your ....

Way. Out. Sorry. It doesn't wash off well either . Umm. Next time bring your Wellie's mmm-K?

Thanks now and don't forget to comment write. A girl from the sticks sure does like to keep in touch, ya know.

Y'all come back now, ya hear!


  1. Hehehe! I love living your life when I read your blogs!! You rock.

  2. Hi a bumpkin on a swing just dropping by after a visit to Ms. G....Im gripped...Ill stop by tommorrow, and check in to see if the Barbies are still in the floor!
    Clean it all up now, I expect you'll be having lots more company soon.....
    "currently reading Blogging for dummies about to set sail....boy do i have story or two to tell.

  3. Well Thomas. It's lovely to meet you! I am glad that you enjoyed your visit. Though I am sorry, the Barbies seem to be a permanent fixture.

  4. We Derfs gotta stick together.


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