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You're an Oscar Meyer Wiener!

.....And this is how my brain works!

I was sitting here this morning trying to think of something profound to write about when it hit me! I never decided on a wiener for my 100th post giveaway! Hello! Brain cells, work with me here!

So I just randomly picked someone. I picked Jolene's boys. Their answer was so clever ( afraid of the dark is the wrong answer, because “she’s an adult and she’s had WAY enough time to face her fears!”) and I just felt bad that I was such a schlep and am still afraid of the dark.

J & J Congrats! You are the lucky Oscar Meyer Wieners! (I can't get that song out of my head)

Here is how this will work.

You must all go over and check out Jolene's blog and leave her an encouraging comment. (I can command this because I am the Queen of Everything and this is my blog I can boss if I wanna.) The girl is raisin' two boys on her own and doing a dern fine job of it too. She has an amazingly uplifting and sometimes funny blog. She is a newbie, so be nice and give her some traffic. And while you're there tell J&J congrats!


  1. Thanks from da boyz... sounds like this:


    "That rocks!"


    "what's the Oscar Meyer wiener song, Mom!"

    (break to sing wiener song to boys ...)

    "Great. Now it's stuck in my head too! Thanks a lot Mom!" =)

    tee hee *evil grins*

    Thank You bunches!!!

  2. Each of da boyz should be required by contest rules to surrender their earrings to their mom. It's only right...

    Oscar Meyer Wiener. Tee hee.

  3. this was so cute... you deserve to be the queen of everything, with such cleverness abounding.

  4. Great... now I've got that song in my head.

    Did Saucy ever tell Katie about the time the wienermobile came through town (a big deal in Canada - you can't even buy the brand up here so they must have been running from the law or something)... Saucy and The Fan spotted them and CHASED them through the mean streets of our city... to no avail. They eluded us.

    To this day, when in the US, I stash at least three packages of the mystery weiners into my luggage on the way home. They're a treat for us up here.

  5. I love a woman who exudes confidence!


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