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Sunday: Week in the Life

5 October 08

  • Feeling terrible. Darling let me sleep in.
  • Kids made oatmeal.
  • Fern brought me breakfast in bed. Feeling so loved.
  • Miriam called to see if we would make it to church. Unfortunately, NO.
  • Slept the morning away. Woke to find kids busily cleaning house.
  • Darling got me a Dr. Pepper. What a sweetheart.
  • Threw some Pork Carnitas in the Crockpot w/peppers, tomatoes and onions.
  • Hung out with Fern, Head-Strong and Hubby, watched Iron Man. Good flick.
  • Babies napped. Really should stop calling them babies they are 4 and 6.
  • Hubby went out to work on his car.
  • Played outside in the garden for a few minutes. Took some pictures.
  • Fixed chicken fence again.
  • Had hubby "take care of" a meat chick that must have had a stroke. She had just not moved for days but was totally alert. Sad.
  • Served Pork over Rice for dinner.
  • Filled Crockpot #2 w/tomatoes, onions and peppers for salsa.
  • Family watched America’s Funniest Videos and Extreme Home Makeover.
  • After the kids were tucked in I spent a minute on the computer but was too tired, so I gave up and headed to bed. While I was brushing my teeth I kept hearing voices. I thought it was the boys talking. Checked on them, fast asleep. Peeked in on the girls. Found them huddled on Fern’s bed with the portable DVD player and headphones on watching Little House. Told them to go to sleep as soon as it was over. Too cute.


  1. I just need you to know, I think youre cool!

  2. Hey, my man thinks I am cool.
    That makes it all worth it.


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