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Saturday: Week in the Life

4 October 08

I must insert commentary here: This photo freaks me out in so many ways a) the size of my back side b) the size of the mess c) the amount of junk I posses. Ugh!

  • Awakened at 4 by the sound of the rain. It’s pouring buckets outside.
  • Hubby and oldest are out the door by 5:30 for hunting.
  • Fidget hops into bed with me. Awake and ready for conversation, she tells me that the reason we (the kids) weren’t at our wedding was because they weren’t born yet, not because they weren’t invited. Hmm.
  • It’s so dark and cold. Just want to stay in bed with coffee and good book.
  • Make Applesauce Oatmeal~kids favourite.
  • Fern, Fidget and Head-Long are snuggled on the couch with Saturday Morning Cartoons.
  • Coffee in hand, I tackle my Craft Room. This is a daunting task. Turn an unfinished room into a place of imagination and expression. *sigh*
  • Warmed soup for lunch
  • Darling returned home from hunt. The boy shot at a buck, not sure if he hit it or not. Searched for hours, to no avail.
  • Hubby built a fire. It feels so cozy inside.
  • Torrential downpour continues.
  • Head-Long has been begging daddy to go look upstairs (the attic) for the missing pieces of his Thomas Train Set.
  • Daddy caved, took H-L upstairs ‘to have ‘a look around”. No train set.
  • Called Miriam…whined about the rain
  • Darling went out to hunt again returned wet and empty handed.
  • Made Turkey Noodle soup for dinner.
  • Everyone ate in the living room and watched TV.
  • I am tired and feeling very sick.

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