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This past weekend we had house guests. This is a pretty big deal for us farm folk. A visit involves lots of farm sprucing. As we worked hard to chip off the crust of baked on poop and knock down the thick layer of dust (from our dirt driveway, that is now traveled by our neighboring teen drivers...yikes!) our anticipation grew. These were special house guests. These were our college roommates from 15 years ago. Everyone was electric with excitement. Head-Strong boy was most excited....said guests would be bringing their Wii gaming system.

As we plugged along passing the days till arrival, washing and preparing, I started to get nervous. I haven't seen these people for 15 years. The last time we spoke in real life (we have emailed and IM'd) we were just teenagers, love struck at that. So much had happened since. Would we find that old comfortable groove?

Upon arrival, our guests were greeted with my remaining blob of Mt. Washmore or Washless as the case may be. This really stressed my husband. I hope it didn't stress my guests because I tried not to care....too much. Sure I wished for a magazine spread but come on, have you been reading my blog long? I am SHE. Slob sister extraordinaire.

So Washmore aside, we welcomed our old chums with outstretched arms, and struck up the old friendly banter.

In college, Misty and I shared a room. Our boyfriends (now husbands) shared a room. We lived in a Motel 6 in the middle of a cow paddy. Our dorms were an old converted Motel, divided into quads. Girls on one side, boys on the other. The wall dividing the girls from the boys was nothing to speak of and with a huge crack running down the middle we would pass notes back and forth between boys and girls. This is how it all began. A couple of shy girls passing love notes to their soon to be husbands, through a crack in the wall.

Nowadays, we have life to weigh us down but inside we are still those shy little girls. We laughed till we cried. We shared our stories. We caught a chick flick. We shared our current obsessions. (Misty I am still reading Twilight.) We chortled on about how this or that would make a great blog post. Our kids hit it off and were on their best behavior, thank goodness. Our hubbies (also on their best behavior) found many common interests and are dreaming of Super Hero Rock Star status via the Wii.

Dick Daring insisted on showing our friends the old local mining shafts and the fire watch tower, I think they were impressed. We sat watching forest fires and noshed on Subway sammies. The man in the watch tower boomed down at us, making us feel as if we were talking to God himself. With our bellies full and the sun setting over the valley, we descended the mountain. Eagerly we talked of the next days activities. A day at the beach.

We took our chums to the best beachy spot on the Oregon Coast that we know of. At Sunset Bay we lounged, read books, took far too many photos; never having to worry that the kids were going to be sucked out to sea. Heavenly. One monster sand castle and 5 sand crusted children later, we call it a day. As we pressed homeward, we stopped for photo ops, pizza and potty breaks. We laughed at the silliness of the kids. The moon rose with great splendor as a summer thunder storm chased us home. Slowly... the melancholy settled in. Our time together was coming to a close.

Our visit came to an end far to quickly. On Sunday our friends made the long trek home. We are already making plans for next year. We will both be celebrating our 15Th Anniversaries. I think a Cruise is in order....

Here is just a peek at some of our beachy fun.

Path to the beach.

Splashing in the bay.

Fast friends, Gen and Fern.

This is why it's called Sunset Bay.

~ Goodbye my friend.~

Till next time.

You can read Misty's vacation breakdown here.


  1. I love this post. It felt like taking a trip to Sunset Bay, just reading it.

  2. i loved this... Fantastic writing my friend. I dreamed of eloquently summing it up, but home seemed too harsh to try. Sad...

    It was really great though. Really good, we loved spending time with you guys!

  3. Misty,

    I can't tell you how much fun we had...well maybe 'Twilight' would sum it all up..har,har.

    So glad you came for a visit, can't wait to visit your place.

  4. That's so lovely to see two old friends still close. It's so easy to drift appart and let 'life' get in the way.
    Thanks so much for your visit to my place today too, I really do appreciate it!

  5. I hope I have friends like this after all the years.

  6. How beautiful...the photos and the friendship. Sounds like an amazing weekend...btw, saw you were new to SITS, so stopped in to check it out and to say welcome!


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