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The Trojan War

Oh my friends, I am Helen of Troy. I have been swept off to a foreign land. A land in which there is no computer time for me.

My computer is down again!

My saga begins with the visit of a dear friend.......

Our kingdom has been plagued by a constant state of guerrilla warfare, small irritating clashes with the Greek king Melaneaus and his brother Agamemnon. ( also known as 'the computer',the Internet',and stupid, blankety-blank connection problems.)

Then came Peace. Peace in the the form of Hector, the Hero of Troy and his luscious brother, Paris. (Also known as my darling hubby, and his alter ego Dick Daring)

These brothers of Troy saw my plight, and attempted to rescue me; whisking me away to their city, protected by the legendary Firewalls of Troy. Of course the Greek armies came and surrounded the city, phishing for weaknesses and making a nuisance of themselves.

Through it all, the walls held, and I began to feel secure. Then came a day of calm and quiet. Reinforcements arrived in the form of Boyd and Betsy, all seemed well within my world. I sat at my desk, contentedly pimping my blog and checking my site meter and snooping on all the Lurkers who view, but choose not to stay, share, or comment on Katie's Calamities.

Quite suddenly I noticed a large wooden horse left behind by persons unknown. I was curious, and I also am quite fond of large wood horses. I did have a nagging feeling, however, some warning I had heard about Greeks who bear gifts. And as I pondered this, the great walls came down. My security software flashed warnings that escalated from threat detected, to firewall breach, to informing me of a Trojan horse infection!

Troy has fallen. I now speak to you from exile; awaiting salvation ( a solution will have to wait till after Labor day). I bid you good day, and good bye, for now.


  1. sad days...
    I am unsure whether I will call you first, or you will read this comment first. I have been insatiably busy with Lucas during the sunlight hours, and writing during the late night ones... (and obsessively reading the partial Twilight manuscript that shall never be complete, in the form of Edward's perspective... These are sad days.)

    Luke flys home Sunday and I planned on returned your not-forgotten message as soon as the weekend was over. You see, I wanted time to talk with you, and time is something I've not had... :(

  2. You. Are. Funny.


    A thousand ships shall soon be launched in your honor, a thousand ships of rescue.

    Here's hoping they're full of computer geeks.

  3. Come back my friend, to the land of the living! (Takes a pulse) Yep, I'm still living!!
    Plus, you've got an award waiting on my page.


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