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Yet another reason I am not a blogger fan...

Again with the blogger thing....

OK, so this morning I got up early, made my bed, did chores AND wrote a cheesy (scone) post. I wrote out a recipe to share ( I am such a good little share bear ) with my friends. I wrote the post and hit 'Publish Post'.


The dang thing was not on my blog....so, I go check the que (? spelling is not my strong suit). There it is....mocking me. And it says 'Scheduled'. My post is scheduled for posting at 7:10 PM! I didn't even monkey with the post options....what gives. Is it a poltergeist? A blogger-geist?


So the worst part is that if I click on the post to edit it...... 'EDIT'......nothing there. BUT... if I just hit the little drop down and read my post on the page where all the posts reside, it is fine, whole and unharmed.

Sorry for the rant.

Just so you know, my regularly "scheduled" post will be appearing here at 7pm. Come back by if you will.

Have a great day....and may blogger not tick you off.

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  1. I feel your pain ... so glad it was still scheduled to post; the recipe looks great! Say, do you think that maybe my transparent post is scheduled for 2010 and perhaps we will all see it one day?? Hmmm, nah not likely. =)


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