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I am totally FREAKIN' OUT!

Holy flyin' frogs, Batman! Did you see all those comments on my last post? Yup a whoppin' seven, that's right, you heard me, I got seven comments on my blog! I am a total wreck. Not all of my friends commented AND I didn't even cheat and leave one from me.......Whoot! Whoot!

O' my goodness. I am so, umm giddy. Silly. FREAKED out!

So, yesterday I was at school, which I hate, but do anyway 'cuz I have brain damage.

I get a call, (which wouldn't have been so embarrassing had I turned off the ringer, but they all understood, 'cuz I have brain damage) from my Farm Suite friend.

farm suite: O' my gosh, did you check your blog this morning???
me: Uh, no.
farm suite: O' my gosh, you have SEVEN comments, I am so jealous.

The news to which, makes me shriek like a contestant on the Price is Right.

me: What??? I have comments?
farm suite: YAH, the Navel Gazer left you a comment and the Unusually Unusual left you a comment.......and Amydeanne and even Misty took a break from her break and Toni and Ricky Danger.......

Since I had shot coffee out of my face, at the shock and awe of it all. I am frantically wiping at the phone and myself. Look to see if any one noticed. Attempt to do the Running Man, not a good thing. People are staring. BAD.

me: NO WAY! O' my gosh you are kidding right?? NO WAY!

Giddy and giggling like a child. Dancin' around the room. Doing the I won the Lottery dance.

me: O' my goodness! I am totally freakin' out..........What did they say??!!

My friend reads me the comments, to which I laugh hysterically and dance a little more. At one point I thought I would take another drink of my coffee only to gasp and choke, shooting more coffee from my nose. This probably isn't good for the phone.

farm suite: The blogging diva's have come down from on high to read YOUR blog! I am SO jealous!!
me: No way. That is so COOL!

I am a genius, I know. I can articulate in ways that make your head spin.

So after much stalking reading, and begging, hoping, for comments from the blog diva's, I got my wish! I am in blogger heaven!

Thank you so much ladies, for taking the time to visit little ol' me. Come again. (Please, please.)
Anytime. Just leave me lots and lots and lots of comments.


  1. Try not to get pulled over on the way in to town today!

  2. I appreciate your brain damage. It's people like you that make the world a better place. And you cause me to have the constant giggles... that's good too :)

  3. Ha ha ha - You are a dork. (Takes one to know one.)

    My husband just snorted because you called me a blogging diva. I'm totally going to make him call me that from now on.

  4. O' Sue, you are too kind!

    Just so ya know, you can show your appreciation for all the hype: I accept cash or really good chocolate ;o)

  5. I love this post. I feel the exact same way!

  6. Well now I have to say I dropped by!

  7. Blogging diva,ay? I like that... LOL.
    You sound like me when I found my blog link listed at the garden girl site..I called everyone and evene emailed the newsletter she sent out where she mentions me. Yep. Takes a dork to know one.LOL


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