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Computer woe's

Dear Reader,

I must inform you that my much loved computer has been in the shop for days and days now. This brings me much disdain. I am a totally addicted blogger. The computer is my friend. How could it do this to me right in the middle of my big letter a day challenge? I have tried to procure a interim computer ( three in fact) to no avail. How could this happen to a poor isolated farm chick?

It's all my darling husbands fault. I place all blame on him. I am not the one who must have more space for gaming. I am totally happy with the computer just the way it sits. But no! The man must have MORE space. None of his games run as they should. Pa-shaw!! Games shmames! I am the one who needs the computer right now. He gets to play his games on the Xbox when the computer is off at the shop. Did he never consider what this might do to a girl?

I live in a rural area of a very small community. No one knows me here. My closest friend is twelve miles away. My computer is my daily connection to all of my farm chicky friends who live far from me. I am going through serious with-drawls.

Thank heavens the library has Internet!! As I sit in the library writing to you now, my children are busily searching out the perfect book to take home with them. The large gentleman next to me is for some reason breathing heavily......(???) The librarians are so waiting for my kids to start tearing up the books, and I just want my computer back in its rightful place at my desk!!

I have bemoaned my sad situation for long enough. The keys are making clacking noises that are echoing through the library and causing the ladies to look at me with scorn. So I will close and take my leave. I will resort to entertaining myself with a good book and hopefully the time will pass quickly. The repairman (my stinky little brother, who takes delight in torturing me) says the computer won't be ready till the weekend, at the earliest!! I might have to plant the garden or take up retail therapy to keep my sanity. Hey didn't I say that I had "bemoaned" enough?? Alright, I will pull myself together now and go check out a good Chicky book.

Thanks for letting me rant, dear reader.

Computer-less Farm Chick


  1. Can't you kick your little brother in the pants? Honestly, where do his loyalties lie? :)

  2. oh my goodness...
    oh my goodness...

    No. No, I didn't laugh at your predicament.
    Not at all...



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