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Week in the Life 2013: Monday

This pretty much sums up Head-Long these days. He's just funny. I find him doing the weirdest things. Here he is trying with all his might to touch his tongue to his nose.

Mess on the dining room table is not altogether unusual.We school, eat, compute, pay bills and play games at this table. When we get busy, we get lazy and our table gets piled. This mess, however, is a special one. We are smack dab in the middle of a big house shift. Every one except for the youngest is moving bedrooms. It's the great bedroom swap of 2013! What a mess it has been too. It will be wonderful when it is all over.

This... This is the contents of the girls room. It is overwhelming. I am hoping to "encourage" them to purge.  I have had to up my coffee intake just to get by. Coffee it does a body good.

THE FLIES! They must die. Every last one!

The girl purgeth! Go girl. GO!

This girl is not impressed with having her photo taken.

This is what once was my crafting "area". Mostly it was a dumping ground. Now it will have a new life a a bedroom for Fidget.

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