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Choosing Real Life Stories

"Sometimes I miss the stories. Like on days like today.
Every once in a while I do the ”bloggy” things I used to do all the time; follow the clicks down the rabbit hole, read story after story, pour over images, watch videos, and get inspired. And it reminds me of how much I love stories. Yours, mine, ours. All of them. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to carve out as much time as I used to for them anymore."
These words of author/photographer Tracey Clark echoed loud through my head as I sat staring at what I had just read. 
I really miss the stories. It seems that lately "story" has been a big part of our lives here. The word story is constantly bouncing in and out of conversation.  
I have a desire to share My Story-Our Story; the Story of Us and all of our beautiful messy chaos. In my heart of hearts I want to share this story of the real Calamity Clan. I want to share those things that drag us down and trip us up.  I want to share all of the funny things, sadness, joy and all around daily mayhem but then my brain takes over and all that negative self talk starts: you can't do that, you have no time for such nonsense, no one cares about your blathering, your grammar stinks...
My dear friend Miri recently wrote a story that sent me on a rabbit trail straight down memory lane. I was amazed and slightly embarrassed that my friend had documented more stories about my own children than I did. I thought about all of the stories that were now lost due to my negligence. Shame and guilt stormed their way to the forefront of my emotions; how could I have let those stories slip away?
Every day I share stories with my children of those that have gone before; stories loved by all, stories that someone took the time write down. We are part of The Story. If I don't write our stories, there will be no stories for the next generation. 
While I seek to strike a balance between being present-living in the moment-and capturing/recording those moments for another time, I know I will battle with guilt and disappointment.  I will wrestle with fear, regret and being overwhelmed.  There will be days chock-a-block with frantic busyness and no stories will be told-I have to be OK with that. 
I am SO not perfect.  I laugh too loud and talk too much. I don't live in a Pinterest perfect home. My kids are sassy. There a huge drifts of dog hair in the corners of every room of our house. There's shouting and laughter and the dishes slide. We are a broken mess but I choose to capture these moments and bits of life. This is the story of me and mine. It is Ugly Beautiful and it is good because it's ours. 
Let the journey begin.



  1. Every time I read a post like this, I realize how much Facebook has spoiled me. I want to "like" the thoughts and cop out on writing even a few well deserved words of hallelujah and amen.


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