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Late night blues

So, it's 11 p.m. and I am only awake for the sole purpose of forcing a load of laundry through my washing machine. I have been at this since 9:30, actively. The load went in sometime in the late morning and I have been fiddling with it off and on all day. Being faced with yet another soured load I thought it necessary to try hard to get the clothes through before heading off to bed.


While trying hard to choose the best, newest machine we could (not) afford we scoured the net for reviews. We choose what we thought would be the best for our family.  Alas, our supposed super-high-powered-most-awesome-ever  washer was a lemon to start with. We were stuck. This washer should be dubbed the Million Dollar Baby for all of the $$ we have dumped into the blasted machine. This one tool to make my mama life easier has caused such stress and financial drain as to make managing a NFL football team look easy-peasy.

Right now I just want to take a hammer to the dern thing. Then trot off to my cozy bed not thinking about my sheets that need washing, or the towels festering in the bathroom basket.

I should  mention that my washer is one of those super fancy front loading types. The type that spin at the speed of light or something totally ridiculous and sound like a Cessna engine while doing it. It spins so fast in fact that it shakes its own brains loose. To help alleviate said shaking my super smart hubby made a sling out of a bicycle inner-tube, in which the brain can sit gently swinging whist the machine prepares for launch. This sling works wonders but due to its bulky nature prevents the top of the washer from remaining in place during launch sequence. Mmmhmm. The bottom hatch of the washer is also aloof as it makes for an easier clean out when you loose socks down the open porthole atop the machine.


I try hard to be thankful for this crazy mixed up washer but honestly I think that moving to Africa would be an easier task. In Africa I would not have as much laundry. In Africa, my janky, redneckified washer would be cool.

Currently I am receiving the F-11 code which states that the door lock is malfunctioning, IE; your clothes are likely to fly forth from the machine during launch phase, be prepared.

Earlier I was faced with the F-02 failure code which implies that the pump is no longer working and a new pump must be installed by a trained professional immediately. Seriously? Immediately?

It's beeping again...wonder which code it will have this time.

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