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Inside/Outside:: Farm Tour

Time does slip quickly by when one has far more chores than there are hours in the day...  (Deepest apologies for the lack of photo editing here...not enough time!)

Garden harvest 22 October -in the torrential downpour/thunder and lightening storm.

Bloody rotten APHIDS!! eating happily away at my Brussels 

Farm dog-Hard at work keeping watch for errant toys

Garden Mums. My favourite.

Never ending pile of laundry to be folded or Mt. Foldme


New to the farm this year- raised beds in the front courtyard. Didn't do quite as well as hoped, but still blooming!

After-school mess making...er, playtime.

Raised bed #2 sporting a healthy (5.5 ft. tall) crop of Redbor Kale and the blasted aphid drowned Brussels.

I have carpel elbow from all of the chopping/stirring/slicing/stuffing I've been doing this last month. In the pantry: Cider and juice, salsa, dried fruit/veg, butters and jams and still more to can.

Raised bed #3.  Home to wayward strawberries, various herbs and Cole crops.

Outside-the rain tumbles from the sky. Inside-the fireplace crackles and the tea kettle whistles. Dinner is simmering in the oven and the water-bath canner bubbles steady.


  1. Replies
    1. Ok, dearie. You however are now due for a farm tour also. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Love you too dear! Your turn next. We need a little tour of your new-ish farm.

  3. Very lovely!!! Your gardens are gorgeous, my dear... you have quite the green thumb.
    And I know about the never-ending pile of laundry... here at the Fraker Farm it's known as Mt. Washmore.

    1. Paula,thank you. I love my little garden, it keeps me (mostly) sane.

      I keep purging clothes and still I climb Mt. Washmore EVERY DAY! Gah.


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