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The here and now

Right here and now~

:: Seeking calm and order. Making a schedule for the farm chores, household stuff , myself and kids.
:: Striving to live fully the length and breadth of this life.
:: Seeking simple. Purging the 'shtuff' that has piled up over the summer. Sorting and culling school books.
:: Loving my morning coffee.
:: Experimenting more and more with fermented foods...sourdough, Lemonade and pickles.
:: Not wholly loving the darker-colder mornings, despite my love of Fall.
:: Preserving like a crazy person-canning, freezing, dehydrating. Ad nauseam.
:: Struggling to get the kids motivated in the a.m.
:: Sad at all the "things" I didn't get done this summer that I had hoped to.
:: Watching the BBC show Sherlock and loving it.
:: Dreaming about sneaking off to the ocean.
:: Grumbling that the chickens continue to escape and feast on the beloved tomatoes.
:: Wanting to be writing again.
:: Embracing Gratitude-every day.
:: Digging deeper-in all areas of life.
:: Excited to see how many of the Blue Orpington hatchlings are hens.
:: Enjoying the last of the fresh garden veg.
:: Appreciating my darling husband building the much needed Le Poulet Chalet.


  1. LOVING the Chalet :) they will be quite happy there...

  2. Wishing I had a new chalet right about now! Looks great!!

  3. Sounds like you're yankin' on your bootstraps! You go, girl! You can do it!

  4. Handyman husbands ROCK! The new chickie condo will be awesome fer sher.
    And your "here and nows" sound very familiar to my own... :)

  5. Yay! Lists and pictures...two of my favorite things!


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