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Just Maybe

Maybe.  Just maybe, I should blog something of consequence.

Maybe. Just maybe, I will stop beating myself up over the things I have no control.

Maybe.  Just maybe, this one time, I can make a skirt that will fit...me.

Maybe. Just maybe, I will stop to smell the roses.

Maybe. Just maybe, I should fold some laundry.

Maybe. Just maybe, there will be enough hours in my day.

Maybe. Just maybe, I will hatch some eggs in the redneck incubator.

Maybe. Just maybe, Summer will come and I will plant my sad, leggy tomato sprouts.

Maybe, I will make it through a month of posting about the maybe's in my life. Maybe, I will post every day. Maybe I will post pictures, maybe I won't. Maybe there will be content worth reading, maybe there won't.

Maybe, just maybe, someone will gift me a new camera for my birthday. *hint-hint*


OK. OK. So...maybe not.


  1. Do I laugh or do I cry!? I don't know.

  2. I am feeling such emotional angst over this post... :(

  3. Maybe I'll get up and eat half a bag of corn chips and nacho cheese instead of doing the things I should be doing.

  4. Oh! MAYBE the iPant will make ALL that happen! Magic underwear!


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