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It seems that since I last had the interweb many of my favourite bloggers have decided to call it quits.  Call me silly but this breaks my blog loving heart.  All the time I was blog-less, I longed for the day when I would be able to indulge all of my voyeuristic pleasures.  I dreamt of blogs.  Lots and lots of blogs.

My reader is sadly on the empty side.  Too many of my old faves are taking it easy, living the good life.... without me.  They are off having fun and not sharing it with lil' ole me. Really how could they? Didn't they have faith that Katie would return?


In an effort to stave off some of my sadness I would like those of you still blogging to share some of your favourite places with me.  Sharing is good. Although not in the case of germs. Keep those to yourself, please.


You can share (please share!) via comments or shoot me a note, my email's around here somewhere...


  1. I am so sorry!!!! i haven't done this yet... I will go do it now!

  2. MISSED YOU!!! Wow ... I am so excited you're back ... I may actually, uhh BLOG something! hah =) what a concept!

    welcome home blog-sista!


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