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In keeping with the nautical theme of late, I am listing.  I have caught myself a few times leaning off to one side. I think the listing is due to the goop living between my ears. Sadly, it's not my brain that is turned to goop, (although this was my first thought)  it's mucus or a mucus-like substance, I'm not sure which.  I do know, that my ears have been plugged (think, flying in a airplane plugged, head under water etc.) for more than 2 weeks now.  I feel like I am living in a can. I am always yelling but can hear little.  I have been tossing back Sudafed and any other cold/sinus meds I had on hand that aren't expired (who's idea was it to put expiration dates on stuff anyway?).  Nothing is bringing relief, not even the listing....

Speaking of the listing, I made a random list of funny stuff that has popped out at me over the last several days. It might not be that funny in reality. I am sure its just  the cold/sinus meds talking, but you can judge for yourself. I have been sick for so long I have to take the joy where I can find it.

     ::  Silkie chickens' fuzzy little bottoms are the funniest thing to watch. If you don't have Silkie's, get thee some. 'Nuff said.
     :: Strange things you don't want to hear out of your 8yr old girl-child "Hey Mom! LOOK! I built a b*mb."
     :: The Pioneer Woman's  Sour Cream Noodle Bake is fabulous, amazingly simple, infinitely adaptable and a sure crowd pleaser.
     :: One of my Best Girlfriends told me that I reminded her of the Pioneer Woman. (P-dub, call me. I think we were separated at birth.)
     :: Chickens are like crack to me. SERIOUSLY, people!  I need a 12 Step Program for Chicken Lovers.   I luff,  love, lurve my multi colored flock of  chicks and chickens. The puffy cheeks...The fluffy bottoms...All the different color/pattern combinations send me right into a tail spin. I can't resist. I must buy more chickies. The soft fluffy cuteness of chicks is too much for my farm-girl self to bear.  Don't even get me started on the eggs.  The multi-colored eggs make me so happy I could sing.  Everyday is like Easter around here. Easter everyday, how great is that?!
     :: Chicken Crack. Buwhahaha! Seriously I need help.
     :: Wondering what to make of my soon to be 7yr old son sliding across the kitchen floor ala Tom Cruise in Risky Business (underwear, and air guitar included) singing "I'm on'a hiiiiiiwaaaaay ta helllllll!" followed with a fairy dance and the vocals "La-la-la-la-laaaah".  Boggles the mind doesn't it?

     :: When you have guests over the last thing you want to find in the Loo is poo in the pot with no paper.  Sorry about that one. Blame the cold meds. But wasn't that some great alliteration?

     :: Have you ever been "schooled" in what is "lame vs.cool"  from your 15 yr old man-child? If not you are missing out! I learned things I never wanted to know about Mario Bros., Star Wars,  and about being a Dweeb/Geek/Nerd in general. It made my brain hurt.

     ::We are studying Countries of the child's choosing for a Co-op project due this week.  When I told the kids to get on it one morning, my youngest child informed me that he "doesn't wanna be a Japanese boy"  any more, he wants to be a farmer boy.  I told him that Japan was a country and farmers were people and that we are studying Countries. He replied with his hands on his hips, " Farmers are from the country".   Alrighty then.

    ::I was singing in church this last Sunday and everyone around me kept turning to look. I didn't comprehend at the time why they might be looking at me. This perplexed me most of the afternoon. I checked my crazy hair when I got home. Checked my teeth.  Did the sniff.... but couldn't sniff.  Then  I remembered that my ears are plugged. Yep, I was singing my heart out and couldn't hear a thing. I can only imagine the joyful noises I was making.  I think though, I experienced true worship for the first time in my life.  Thanks be to my mucus filled head.


  1. Love this... completely invisioning your Tom Cruise like son... are there a few big words thrown in along with some oracle like prophecies? He may, in fact, be the most interesting person I've ever me...

  2. No wonder you're listing... if my child sang "Highway to H*ll" I would crap and fall back in it.
    Hooray for fuzzy-bottoms~ Chickie lovers unite!

  3. Oh no - I hope you feel better and hear better soon...

  4. Oh my word, Paula's comment made me bust a gut. I'm really sorry I pointed out the poo in the loo. I guess it just seemed SO much like home (my loo frequently carries paperless poo thanks to a similarly aged boy living in my home) that it just felt normal to say something!
    I really hope your head goop clears up soon - because you do have the most delightful singing voice - normally!

  5. Love the alliterations by the way!

  6. Oh girls! You all made my day.

    Misty~The Oracle has offered no grand prophesies as of late. And he's also the most interesting person I've ever met.

    Paula~I laughed out loud at your comment. Thank you!

    Teresa~Thanks for the get well wishes I could use your prayers for health to return.

    Lexie~What can I say about the poo in the Loo...it just had to be blogged.

  7. From your mouth to God's ears...it was beautiful music to Him!!!

    Girl, ya crack me up!!! I'm so sorry your plugged up tighter than a muffler 'tader bomb but ya have me in stitches here!!!

    At least ya have the drug of your choice close at hand...'chickens'!!!

    God bless ya and please feel better!! :o)

  8. Nezzy, YOU crack me up. I about bust a gut on the "tighter than a muffled 'tader b*mb".

    Thanks for the laugh! God bless ya.


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