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Hello friend

I have to say, the desire to blog has been great but the motviation to get off my tushie and venture to my local library has been well, small and unproductive.

I am still without interweb at my home and it makes me sick. Daily.  Friends, for such a tech-not, I do lurve me some computer time. 

My dear friend Miriam, reminded me that November is National Novel Writers Month or Nanowrimo as we lovingly call it.  I am determined to write up my daily quota even with out the interweb access. I have grand plans to involve the spouse and children as well.  We shall see how this transgresses.  It is November the third and I have as yet started said writing and have a severe lack of ideas for anysuch writings but am no less determined.  My children have tackled the project with a vengence and my husband has only raised his eyebrows in distrust of the whole affair.

While I am working up the courage to write I have been daydreaming 'Anne of Green Gables' style of what adventures my characters will find themselves stumbling upon.  I have high hopes, but life always seems to get in the way of my hoping.

And alternately, my blogging.


  1. Me too. (Nano)

    sorry about your internet aches...


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