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Dieting and digging

For the last few months life has been a rush of fresh, dirt scented, air. To say that Katie has buried herself in the garden would be a true statement indeed. The garden has become all consuming. Thank-goodness for SPF 60 Sunscreen and Nitrile garden gloves, because Katie has worn through her fair share of both. The other day, as Katie was lamenting her sad-state-of-bloglessness with her closest farm-girl friend she had to thank her lucky stars that 'at least there is the garden', for Katie would be an utter wreck with out the diversion of the garden.

"Katie, Katie quite contrary...How does your garden grow?" you might ask.

With tomato's galore and so much more! Katie cannot name the mass of greens growing and sprouting from every crack and cranny. Potatoes, cabbages and onions...

...O' my!

In between bouts of garden madness Katie has decided that enough is enough. It is time to take the battle of the bulge into her own grubby not so little hands, she is starting a D I E T! Oh yes she is! This business of flopping around the garden in her chubby clothes has got to stop! STOP! she says. So as of today, Katie is officially doing the no/low carb thing.

Katie is, however, not doing so well for her first day out of the gate. Already Katie has partaken of her daily coffee. With CREAMER. And has made the mistake of making herself a piece of toast (albeit, very nutty bread) to dip her morning eggs into. So...day one, and Katie is already a failure. Poo!

Well, at least there is the garden! Katie is off to drown her carbohydrate drenched self in garden chores.

And a little 60 proof. Sunscreen that is...


  1. your body needs some carbs, my gorgeous and beloved friend...

    although I realize it may well be months before this comment makes it's way to you.

    we are still planning to be there the end of august. Of course, chw's work could pull the plug on my KL retreat daydreams, but we'll see.

  2. Here's the deal: If you lose more weight than I do WHILE CHEATING, I will have a very hard time forgiving you.

    Or else I will be driven to cheat too. I can't be sure.

  3. Yea for you and your green thumb. I signed up for Weight Watchers online, and I like it because I don't feel like I"m on a diet. It's more about portion control and writing down what you eat. It's working when i do it!

  4. No/Low carbs is the devil to me. LOL
    This is the only place that I'm managing to squeak out (in blogosphere and only one other soul in real life) that I'm doing something similar... shhh... don't tell anyone!! But - if you have extra things like creamer and toast, just send them my way because they are not on my do-not-eat list. heheheahahhaha
    Love you my friend!


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