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This has sure been an interesting month for me and mine. With all that has gone on this month I still feel the pull of my commitment to finishing NaBlo . I am NOT A QUITTER! That said, let me just say this:

NaBlo-mePoMo is sucking my will to live. My will to live I tell you! I have such a huge blockage, it surely must be constipation.

Yes! Constipation of the brain. Yeah, gross I know. At the very least I must be suffering from brain damage.

Hey! I hear there are only 5 days left in November. Really? I hadn't noticed. I was sure that November was the longest month, say, EVER! Sure feels that way.


In light of all that has gone on this month, I need a vacation. Anyone else need a holiday?


  1. Hello! Count me in on the vacation roster my friend -- oh yeah, most definitely!!

  2. Katie,
    Love your blog! I'll have a million questions for you once the holidays are over. We want chickens and I need some more farming inspiration for spring when I start putting in some food stuff in the yard. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  3. Oh my goodness... I NEED A VACATION!! But, I'm not sure six days of being stuck here with my kids is my idea of a break. God help us all - I have PMS too.
    Good luck with your constipation. LOL

  4. you are NOT kidding... I am sure I will take on another NaBlo monthly challenge again. I did it two years in a row. The first year i also did NANOWRIMO. (i.e. writer's attempted suicide)...

    and it never fails. that's when the stuff happens. when i took on the pink month, OMG! life fell apart, and fell apart. and I couldn't blog about it...

  5. Annette~
    So lovely to meet you I loved your blog too...you are on funny lady!
    I would love to chat.

    To all my friends~
    Girls, having PMS at the holidays is warrant enough for a vacation!!


  6. And to you and yours a Happy Turkey Day as well, Mrs. G!

  7. Holiday, sure. Vacation, ABSOLUTELY!!

  8. I typically post less in December than any other month because NaBloPoMo is a real commitment!


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